From the moment I walked into Qing & Pieter’s charming peranakan shophouse to photograph her getting ready, I knew it was gonna be an amazing, beautiful kind of wedding.  Thanks for having me to capture your special day and I was so honoured to have been a part of it.

Here’s wishing both of you all the best for today and always. May you be blessed with all the love and happiness in the world on your life.


The day had finally arrived for Jia Yi & Ming Han! When two became one now. So glad that I was part of their big day witnessing them declaring & sealing their love and commitment towards each other in front of their many close friends & families at the beautiful Fullerton Hotel. I came home with my 16GB memory card almost full from the shoot..but because this is the most beautiful day of their lives so this makes my images culling task so hard.. I found myself ‘attached’ to the images and feel that each and every frame is profound in its own way too…culling a wedding shoot can be such a painful process. Enjoy the pics!

Chains do not hold a marriage together, it is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years – Simon Signoret. Lovely to have spent a great afternoon photographing PY & JL as they celebrate their 10 years of love,faithfulness & togetherness as husband & wife, partner & best friends. Blessed wedding anniversary! Indeed, the best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Zalinah contacted me for a family session sometime last month, it was a great joy to meet her again, and it’s even a greater joy to see this young family has grown from one to 3 and another one coming along the way.  It surely is a busy family life for Zalinah & Fazlan, having to juggle between their demanding jobs and caring for 3 young kids in tow, but beyond this I also see that here is a strong family with strength, dedication and rock solid kind of love for one another. When we look at our life,  you would agree that the greatest happiness is family happiness. I am glad that I had this opportunity to, once again have all these happy memories captured for Za and her loved ones.  Here are the highlights from our session.  On the day of shoot we also had Faizah (Fazlan’s sister and her family visiting from overseas) & their parents joining us to make this family story board a complete one.

I am generous when it comes to giving praises to people, whenever it deems fit.  On the contrary, I am not a good recipient of praise myself,  I would often react to it with awkwardness and immediately try to down-play the praise, but deep down, I do feel flattered by the praise, though not without the shyness.  Today, however I would like to share this love note I got from Anisha & Tom – Thank You so much for every positive word you have penned about the experience that you had with me during our couple session recently.  I feel so honoured to have photographed your beautiful day and thank you for being a wonderful couple to work with.


Love Note from Anisha & Tom ~

When choosing our pre-wedding photographer, we must admit that we were spoilt for choices! In Singapore, there are lots of professional & freelance photographers out there but I think the trick is finding one which we both feel comfortable with and can take photos in the style and manner we love.

We think it all comes down to storytelling. Each photographer has a personal take on the best way to tell a story through their pictures. The way a photographer perceives storytelling is going to inform what they take photos of, how they take them, where they are when the important events happen, and everything else in between.

Annette stood out from the beginning mainly due to her shining personality; she was quick to respond to our queries plus she was extremely warm and friendly and always ready to give suggestions to our best interests. Her website was well thought of and stunning – We love that she added a personal touch to each of her shots – she talks about the enjoyable time she spent with them and what’s really nice is that she always has the kindest things to say without sounding fake! If you have a good look at her website, she has a huge portfolio of well thought out pictures; not only that of beautiful couples, but also happy families to newborn kiddiewinks! This means that that there is always something different and exciting; it kept our eyes peeled wanting to see more and more!

Lighting is 90% of what makes a photo good or bad. Annette’s photos generally oozes an angelic feel which we really loved – this is what she did all day during our shoot, she analyzed the light and played with light differently for different effects. Most of her pictures were really bright photos that made the world look light and airy, while others used light to create a romantic mood and emotion! In a nutshell, looking at her pictures made us very happy! J

During the photoshoot, Annette was almost invisible. She made us feel completely at home and we felt like she was our friend! What touched us what that she really took a sincere interest in getting to know us and then portraying that in her pictures. I have always been told that your wedding shoot happens in a blur, but thanks to Annette, our memories are still crystal clear and it feels as though we experienced bits we didn’t even see! It’s not just the incredible imagery she captured, but also the personality and emotions that go with them, happiness, nerves, excitement and of course… love.

After dreaming about my wedding day photo on the mantelpiece, my childhood expectations have been exceeded. A big thank you from the both of us!!! X